FS WTB high End Sage 12 weight


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Is there such a thing out there? Okay looking for a Sage Salt HD, A Scott Meridian, an Xi3 (mm maybe not!) and/or an NRX 12 weight, 9 foot, 4 piece ....please be real with your ask!
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Not as many as I thought on the web site.
I would personally also consider Redington, not certain of your budget, but the Predator comes in weights up to 16 and is a solid product.


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Up to a 16wt in the Salt and 12wt in the Motive biggest in a fresh is an 11wt unless you go back a few years


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Most of sages all purpose rods stop at 10 or 11. 12 weight is a big boy rod, not that 10 and 11 are not. Sage dedicates their salt rod series for 11-12 and above.

12 in Rplx, Rplxi, xi2, xi3, Salt, Salt HD, are what you’ll find for high end performance and price but first generations are a bit cheaper. Maybe Motive goes to 12 but not sure.


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tried predator 12 was actually pretty good ...caught several 80 poundish tarpon
I recently used my 8 weight Predator again for the first time in 5 months. Was pleasantly surprised. Like a lot of rods, I think the line makes a huge difference and the line I was using got the best out of that rod for sure. To the point I am thinking of getting a Sage X 8 weight versus a Meridian as my next purchase. I figure the Predator can be my salt specific 8 weight and the X can be my go to steelhead rod (once I hop back in) as well as back up chum rod. It worked so well I am thinking 10 weight for an upcoming planned Belize trip. I have no problem dropping $300 on a rod weight i’ll use once or twice a year. Much more than $300-400 and I start to develop agita...

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