FS WTB high End Sage 12 weight


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I will be returning from Canada on April 17 by way of Victoria. Will have the rod with me.
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Ideally what I want is an Scott Meridian, a Sage Salt HD, or Xi3 in a 12 weight in 9 feet! Surely someone must have some in their closet collecting dust???
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Take a look here both a 12wt and a 13wt
Mar 14, 2019

All rods have been brought in via our trade in program. All rods are used unless specified otherwise. We offer both in store pick up and we can ship the rods to you (price of shipping TBD based on location). Payment can be taken via paypal or taken over the phone. We are a brick and mortar store located in Tacoma WA. Please feel free to call if you have any questions about the rods during our normal buisness hours. (253) 472-2420 mon.-fri 10a.m.-6p.m. sat. 10a.m.-5p.m. sun. 11a.m.-4p.m.

rod condition price notes
sage RPLXI 1489-3 8/10 $275 8'9" 14 weight 3 piece
sage RPLXI 1290-3 8/10 $275 9' 12 weight 3 piece
orvis TLS Power matrix 908-4 tip flex 8/10 $150 9' 8weight 4 piece
sage XI2 1390-4 7/10 $300 9' 13weight 4 piece
sage XP 590-2 7.5/10 SOLD $300 9' 5weight 2 piece
sage GFL 8100-2 RPL 8/10 $225 10' 8weight 2 piece
winston boron II X 1290-4 9/10 $275 9' 12weight 4piece customer name on rod "mike Hardouin" and non original tube
ovris T3 590-4 9/10 $225 9' 5 weight 4 piece
sage RPL blank 1090-3 8/10 $100 9' 10 weight 4 piece
Powell Imperial 9'6" 5/6 weight 2 piece 8/10 $140 9'6" 6weight 2 piece Beulah Platinum 6126-4 9.5/10 $300 12'6" 6 weight 4 piece

due to technical issues photos will be posted tomorrow of all the rods
thank you good luck on the water.

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cant beleive the 8100 wasnt scooped up. Although its a two piece ..it is considered by many as thone of the best single handers ever . I own two already and first hand agree ...its a cannon


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I love mine also.... hard to beat for banking pounding streamers but do not need a second as I have the 7100 also

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