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I have to deliver something to Santa Cruz in the first part of April. Looking for suggestions of fishable water near the thoroughfare. Ideally Northern California or southern Oregon would be great as it's half way.
Thanks to all.
Also taking tips on taco wagons


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Yes, the Sacramento River. There's access at turtle bay park, right at the sun dial bridge.
We stopped by there on our family road trip last year, wished I had more time and my wader while there.


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You are going to literally drive over the North Umpqua river just north of Roseburg, Oregon. A half hour or so east may put you on good trout water, depending on runoff. You will parallel the Rogue near Grant's Pass. There is the potential to lay out a line at Valley of the Rogue State Park, which is next to I-5. Better waters are an hour's drive upriver.

I can't address tacos, but you could do a lot worse than grab a burger and a cone at Rice Hill, exit 148 about 25 minutes south of Cottage Grove, Oregon. There is a sad-looking burger place on the west (right, headed south) side of the freeway that looks like a couple of mobile homes pushed together. Looks aren't everything. It's been 40 years since I first stopped in and the place looked the same then. Good burgers, great hard ice cream cones, right at the exit and easy return to the freeway. The place is a legend among ice cream loving I-5 road warriors. If you are an ice cream aficionado you will stop in again on your way back north.


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We're not big on taco trucks down here until, maybe, in Medford. You may have to wait until you hit California, and even then I don't understand the attraction of tacos.


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Roadside burgers in an old school ramshackle sound delicious!
Thanks Kilchis.
Last time I drove over Grants pass (twenty years ago) I blew up my Volkswagen bus. Hope for a smoother trip this time.
I'll start checking flows on the north Umpqua.
Thanks again folks


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I second the Upper Sacramento, easy access from I5 with the railroad tracks paralleling much of the river, makes for easy scouting and walking trails. Give the historic Ted Fay Fly Shop a call (530 235 2969) for up to date river flows and fishing reports.


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Ditto on Ted Fay Fly Shop. Right in the heart of good Upper Sac fishing, cool area, nice shop. Took this pic about 30 minutes after leaving that shop on a road trip in January to take my son to back to college in LA...
Lots of choices, flows could be a factor in California if dam releases begin to make room in reservoirs for snowpack melt.
In Oregon you have the North Umpqua, Rogue for trout (check regulations for trout) and steelhead:
California has wild steelhead in the upper Klamath and lots of access, find the tributary mouths.
Upper and lower Sac if flows cooperate; check with Ted Fay shop or The Fly Shop:
Trinity is 30 miles west of Redding, can be great if flows stay below 500 cfs at Lewiston. Typically ramp up in early April but if not, some great dry fly opportunities, browns smashing downstream running smolts and small run of larger wild steelhead.
Manzanita Lake in Lassen Nat'l Park. Great afternoon callibaetis hatch. The locals call them "motorboat caddis." After crossing the Ore/Cal border, you'll never be far from an In N Out Burger.

Manzanita will still be iced over. Not likely to be open in early April. Lewiston Lake can be great and is open. Basically a large spring creek. Can fish it and upper Trinity the same day, about 5 miles apart.
If OP is planning overnight stay on any of these waters there are great county and state parks in Oregon right on the Rogue and NU; some with yurts if desired.
I know a couple RV parks on the Trinity that rent tent sites, tents with power and RVs for reasonable rates, pm if interested.

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