Taking a swimmy

Usually my own clumsiness.

Growing up in Port Angeles I fell in just about every single peninsula river at one time or another. Fell in the Sol Duc once while by myself during the winter. Had a high, over cut bank give way and in I went. Must have gone down stream close to a hundred yards before getting to a gravel bank. That was pretty scary.
Doin the pot. Lol. My dad says, "doin weed". I don't think pot is a hard enough drug to be "doin". I mean you can't "do some whiskey". You could do some coke, blow, heroin, horse, black tar, some crack, ect but can one really "do weed". Deep mature questions I know.
... I guess if you can “do some ping pong balls” (Tijuana) and “do some whiskey” (it’s happened) Lol
upgrade to some distillate, preferably non flavoured refillable on a 3.6v 1.8Ohm setting...or some wizard stones on a $1k rig while you post your smoke cloud on Insta ..if you don’t pass the phuck out before remembering :)

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I remember a thread that went something like..” what would you take a swim for?” . A lot of folks said they would get wet for a major fly box or a Wheatley, maybe a Hardy set up. I almost took a swim to retrieve a net that still contained a steelhead in it as the fish was being released..(long story) short of it, fish swam off and I got the net back.
What gets you wet? :)

I remeber you almost swiming for a shooting head, a couple of times!


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I went swimming for my drift boat twice. The first time was 20+ years ago on the Deschuets at a take out near Maupin when I went for my truck and trailer and my buddy somehow let the boat go.

The second time was on the Missouri River. I was guiding Al Caucci, an author who co-wrote East Coast entomology books. I had spotted a nice pod of rising fish at the head of an island in a side channel. I anchored my drift boat at the tail and we walked up to target the risers. He stuck a few and put one or two in the net when a huge gust of wind came up. It lifted the boat up and into the current dragging the anchor. I ran down the island shedding my sunglasses and hat (it was summer so no waders) and dove into the river. Getting back into a boat in deep water is a chore. So was rowing it back upstream to get Al.


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This is all situational, there's not much I would jump in after in a winter river that was running hard and fast. Weather and conditions permitting I'd jump in and go swimming on a bet. I love swimming in rivers.

Was fishing with AA on the North Umpqau once (where you go swimming a lot whether you want to or not). I took a dunk and was on the bank taking my waders off to drain 'em (this was early winter). He shouted back from the run he was fishing; 'can't you just stand on your head to drain those things?' That's when I knew he and I would have a good long fishing career together; it's all about the empathy man...


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I did the bait and switch to a friend in the south sound off Ollalla.
Showing off a 100 bill. I crumpled it up and tossed the pre-crumpled 1 dollar bill into the sound with my other hand. He dives in and is excited for his catch. Gets back on the boat and told me it was an easy 100 payday.....till he flattened out the bill and saw George not Ben.


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I posted this in an old thread. Grew up in Chicago and there were a ton of gravel pits along the freeway to O'Hare that had bass and trout. I snagged my favorite lure on something, it was August and plenty hot, soooo I decide to go get it. It was snagged on a Ford pickup in relatively shallow gravel with two guys sitting in the front with two holes in each forehead. The only real mistake was calling the cops off the frontage road to see it. I got charged with criminal trespass and got questioned for hours over three days.

They dropped the charges later and I found out this pit was owned by a family with a last name the had lots of "I's" in their name. Coincidence????

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Jamma and I had this sort of what turned out to be an ill fated death march...we found a way in around a gated forest road...it would have been a 6 mile trek with tubes to a little lake full of brookies...My memory my idea...Anyway the 3rd attempt we took a round about way in...unfortunately spring run off turned the creek we needed to cross into a bit of a torrent. we staged i went first pushed off finned like mad the small 20' foot crossing got to the bank...slid up a small cut bank and sat there waiting for jamma...he pushed off ...and almost immediately saw one of his fins bobbing down the rapids to the pool below...arrgh!...he scarmbled arouns and down trying to fetch his fin...he called to me over the noise of water ...we were done...so I think about it ...butt on bank above the tube i was holding against the bank in the moving water...maybe 6-7' deep on my side...So i decide to slide and prop into my tube...which i did and immediately bounced up and upside down in the icey cold water...coming up sputtering rod in hand...and crawled with tube acrtross and onto the bank...jamma has a movie in his head I am sure...We laugh at each others expense...
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summer? i swim with my fly rod all the time. im light i can swim better then wade sometimes
This made me think of a son in law I had once. We used to fish the Miller River upstream from where it entered the S/F Skykomish river. Upstream there was this long clear hole. It had to be about 10 feet deep and over 50 yards long and about 25 feet wide. Well we had been fishing upstream and on the way back to the car he decided to swim that hole. I carried his rod and he swam the length of that pool. It was summer time so it was hot a muggy out.
He dripped dry in no time.
I take my Golden Retriever when I'm fishing so I don't have to get wet to retrieve my fly box, net, rod, oar, cooler, seat pads, etc.
I was out a RF with my 6 mo. old male Retriever when I got a fish on and he though it was a good idea to retrieve my strike indicator that was racing around.
I wasn't very happy with him at the time.
Today if I slip and fall he is there to give my a hand up.
Fishing and retrievers are water sports and yer gonna get wet, even if ya don't want to.

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I have a lot of other "swimmy" things that have happened. I just don't put myself in a situation to experience shit like that anymore...


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Typically I only take a swimmy while fishing if I woke up too early and the coffee didn't kick in until too late.

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