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Rod Wittner

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Nobody expected the M's to be a winner this year. It's a re-building effort. It's been an exciting early season, fun to watch and that has made for interesting conversation at work, but it looks like the collapse has begun. Lack of pitching and silent bats will make the M's cellar dwellers by the All Star break. As expected... again.


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Santana is an RBI machine. It's painful to watch him play left field. I still like having an RBI machine on the team. Omar too. Not much of a receiver, but dude can hit.

There's mostly bad pitching in baseball. Probably always has been. They'll win a bunch of games pounding those guys. Good pitchers shut them down. Just think, they pounded Chris Sale.

Pitchers are all castoffs. Except Marco. Props to Marco. I'm not entirely sure how he does it, but he gets people out. A lot. And the King. Bow down, please.

They have no bullpen. Their best guy is that rule 5 guy.

They're not going to the playoffs this year. Too many holes to fill that they have no intention of filling. In the meantime, you want Edward Encarnacion to stay hot. You want Healy and Bruce to stay hot. You want a hot product at the trade deadline.

If they're looking to put together a team to compete in a couple of years, 40 games in, I see progress.


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Having been a baseball fan since 1946 I have seen a lot of exciting stuff and witnessed a lot of changes. The changes haven't all been for the good. I just read that baseball attendance continues to decline and I think I know some of the reasons. If a long time fan like myself is losing interest because the games are getting boring there is little chance of enlisting new fans. The current fixation on home runs has killed the game as we once knew it. They are no longer playing baseball, it has been replaced by longball. And smallball is all but extinct. It's a shame that the home run has replaced most of the action that used to make bb so fascinating. With everyone swinging for the fences the art of advancing the runner has been lost-it is either boom or bust with the long ball. I have seen at least 3 games already this year where failure to bunt or hit behind the runner has lost those games. In each instance the batter was trying knock the cover off of the ball rather than just get a man in from 3rd to tie or win the game.

Some of the blame has to be placed on the designated hitter rule. Having a professional batter that can no longer play in the field has changed the dynamic of the game. I like the running game better than the trotting game-bring back the old baseball that was fun to watch instead of just waiting around to see the ball hit out of the park. MLB is complicit in this charade in that this year the ball is simply juiced. Guys with warning track power are hitting the ball 400' this year and home runs are adding up at record rates. It all seems phony somehow.


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I haven't looked, but i am guessing they are still leading the league in errors.
I believe I heard today that even if you take away the shortstops league leading error total, they’d still lead the league in errors.
That’s all I’ve got. Generally when either of the local sports radio stations start talking about the Mariners, I change the channel.
Mariner Baseball.....super easy to tune out.


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"Mariners Baseball"-almost an oxymoron. They are 3 games above .500 now after 33 games. Any bets on when they reach the magic .500 level and a return to their comfort zone?


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"Mariners Baseball"-almost an oxymoron. They are 3 games above .500 now after 33 games. Any bets on when they reach the magic .500 level and a return to their comfort zone?
Quicker than Rick Rizz giggles at any Jay Buhner Bonerism..well, I have not heard Rizz for years, but his highpitch schoolgirl cackle haunts me still.

The USS Mariner Submarine has launched!


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Almost there! Just one more loss and the Mariners will achieve the .500 nirvana that defines their comfort zone. Already they are there in terms of runs scored versus runs allowed-they have reached parity. And the 2-8 record in the last 10 games is certainly Mariner-like. Doesn't Salt Lake City need a pro team?
You said it one of your earlier posts. Its all long ball. I believe every run the Mariners have scored in the last two or more games has been via the home run. They can’t play baseball. No hit and run. No hitting to the opposite field. No bunt to move a runner forward. No fly ball to score a runner. Nothing but homers. Put that with a terrible defense, sporadic starting pitching and questionable relief pitching and you have a team that will soon be fighting it out for last place in the AL West.

At least they can still offer Griffey rookie bobble heads or Gar Hall of fame nights to get a few people into the stands.

I’m back to my preseason reasoning for a shit team; no GM, no team manager, and an ownership more interested in making money than winning games.