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In order for some teams to make the playoffs the majority of the teams have to be losers. Simple math. The Mariners warned everyone that this would be their season for losing.


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Yeah they said it was a rebuilding year but in reality it is a fire sale year. They disposed of all players good or bad that had a high salary or potential for a high salary whether that player could be a part of building a winning team or not. Goal; save as much money as possible. Not sure but I believe the Mariners’ payroll shrunk by something in the neighborhood of 80 million for the year. That’s nothing to shrug about. Once their payroll builds back up, winning or not, they will have another fire sale and claim its time to rebuild, again.


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Yeah, they're gonna lose a bunch. Gotta admit, though, they are entertaining. Got some sluggers on that club. If you only saw a score and didn't see the teams, and the score was 10-0, one of the teams is probably the Mariners.

Swanson went 5 2/3 no hit today. He's a kid we got in the Paxton deal. Promising.

Bruce. Salami. Encarnacion. Upper deck. Stay hot, boys. Somebody wants to overpay in 6 weeks. Merchant Mariners.


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There is .500 ! I can hear it now, the guys on ESPN-

Anchor One: "the Mariners started the season 13-2, and are now .500"
Anchor Two: "Is that bad?"

My maths says 13-2 becomes 19-19, means they went 6-17 over the last 23


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Agree with @Old Man, Felix looks sunk. 1/4 of the way through the season, not numbers from a pitcher
who can stay long. The next BANG you will hear will be Felix going off when he is stuck in the bullpen to serve out the rest of his final sentence as a Mariner.

He deserved a better franchise, a chance to play in the playoffs elsewhere, he should have escaped years

One of the biggest wasted talents/careers in recent memory.

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Only DFA him if there is a better alternative. If your younger pitchers aren't ready for the heat of the majors yet and you still need someone / anyone to pitch the ball every fifth day, use the guy that you are paying (and will pay anyway) to pitch. Once a better alternative surfaces from Triple A, DFA Felix.
Yeah, rarely has a pitcher who was so good suffered so badly from a franchise. How many 1 - 0 or 2 - 0 losses or bullpen meltdowns has Felix suffered in his Mariners career?



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Why didn't Felix leave? lol

King Felix will be taking on the roll and living off royalties of celebrity great, aka, Griffey, Buhner, Gar, Val, Lou, etc... I'm so happy we can officially retire and stop living off the '95 and '01 season and turn the page to King Felix night, King Felix Bob bobble head night, King Felix shirt night, Cy Young commemoration night, opening pitch for '22 season, etc....I'm afraid this is what we will have to get used to for the next decade, or until the M's actually do something work celebrating

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