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The last pitcher of the night was a Catcher. I don't even turn them on anymore. All they have the pitchers doing is pitching batting practice. Minnesota is pounding the piss out of the Mariners Pitchers. I'm surprised that there isn't any heads rolling. They can't keep this shit up can they??


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I saw pictures of last night's Mariner game on SportsCenter-there were a lot of fans in the seats. Why?
Must have been another stupid give away night.
People are suckers for free shirts, hats, bobble heads or anything telling them how great the 95 season was.


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I watched the game today, well, I had the game on the tube and watched it when I was in the house. I have to say Goldsmith seems to be acquiring a genuine style. He seems far more comfortable working with Blowers than in the past. Pretty lighthearted style and he constantly gave Blowers shit at least when I was listening. A much more enjoyable game to watch with Goldsmith announcing than listening to Sims trying to sound cool. Seeing the Mariners actually playing sorta decent ball helped also.


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Mercifully I get the MLB channel on my TV and just don't ever turn on Root Sports for their minor league presentation of the Mariners. Tonight it was a doubleheader and the 2nd game was just a dandy with the Cubbies scoring twice while trailing in the bottom of the 9th to win it. Am seeing some real good baseball on that channel this year and am probably watching more than I should. But with all the early talk about football and guys already being injured and out for the season months before it even starts-I'm watching all the baseball I can-it will be over too soon.

In checking the standings tonight I noticed that the M's have assumed their natural place in the AL West standings-dead last and 11 games out of first place. How much worse could it be if they sent the whole team down to Tacoma and brought the Tacoma team up to the bigs?

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Geez, I was trying to be at least a tiny bit positive by giving them the all star break to reach the bottom. They blew that one out of the water. The series in Texas was a battle for the cellar and the Rangers put them there already. It's going to be a long season.... again.
Nobody expected the M's to be a winner this year. It's a re-building effort. It's been an exciting early season, fun to watch and that has made for interesting conversation at work, but it looks like the collapse has begun. Lack of pitching and silent bats will make the M's cellar dwellers by the All Star break. As expected... again.[/QUOT


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8 teams carry MLB. Lots of empty stadiums.

The league is slowly heading to its grave.....not dead, but a shell of what it once was.

I dont know which is more painful to watch..... MLB or womens college softball.

At least come October the great teams head to the playoffs and i can again stomach baseball.

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