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Best part of the game? No Sims! I was watching the Dodger/Giants game and checked on the M's between innings without having to hit the mute button. Are we going to get lucky 2 nights in a row? I'll know in about 11 minutes.
Hernandez allowed one earned run and pitched into the sixth inning for his first victory since June, and the Mariners beat the Los Angeles Angels 6-3 on Monday night.
I hope he can keep it going, maybe he has seen the light after all. I hope so, I'll gladly eat crow if it is the case.


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I may have to eat some crow if these guys keep going. I’m not ready to give much credit to the manager, maybe some to Depoto. He put together a bunch of journeymen ball players that are playing like journeymen. They need to clean up the defense a little but when the team is averaging around 8 runs a game the defense and pitching can be less than stellar. I hope the pitching can keep going. Volgelback just hit another homer as I type. Crazy.


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Yeah, the M's are flying high right now but it is so early and we all know they are the M's. It would sure be nice if this rag rag assemblage could shock the world like the '69 Miracle Mets. But the late season will separate the ingenues from the milfs so we will just have to wait and see.

If you have watched ROOT SPORTS you have no doubt noticed those stupid little quiz questions down in the corner that ask gems like: "How many players in today's game will bat with both top buttons of their jersey unbuttoned? Text your answer to......" Or ask for some other astute observation. Being familiar with the M's my question would have to be: "How many games will the Mariners play until they reach .500?" Hopefully they won't reach .500 but they are the M's....
Vogelbach had a nice career day. Watched him in Tacoma and saw the big league power, but Chris Farley build.
Glad to see him have his day in the Sun !

Seems like a nice guy. Good for him.

He can frame it 3-4 2hr 6 RBI's
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This is really fun to watch even if there is no way the entire season will go like this. Unexpected success is far sweeter than that which has been assured or predicted. Perhaps it will rub off on Felix.

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Felix pitches tomorrow. I hope he's as good as his last start. Of course that pitcher Festa could of been pulled out earlier. I thought he was throwing batting practice. They kept hitting him.


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What do you get when you lead the MLB in winning percentage, home runs, runs scored, batting average, run differential, stolen bases, total bases and RBI's among other statistics?

You get the baseball team from Seattle. Hopefully no one tells these kids they are playing for the Mariners.

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