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The T.O. Show

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The M's are out for a rip right now. Even when they inevitably cool off, I think they are still going to be in pretty good shape. They are hitting the cover off the ball and could score half the runs they have been and still win most of their games.


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I've been speechless since they came back from Tokyo. Holy shit. Who are these guys?

No, really, who are these guys?

I don't follow offseason sports. Too many lawyers involved. So on opening day I find out who's on this year's team. And 12 games in I'm usually still doing that.

I learned people's names fast this year. Omar Narvaez. A catcher who can hit. I've heard they exist, like a wild parrot, but I thought they were extinct in this part of the world.

So Jerry's plan is in wildest-dreams territory. And I think he's going to stick with the plan. We'll never see this team play in August.

Hopefully they can keep this up for a couple of months. Players got crazy value right now. They're gonna move Bruce and Encarnacion and Beckham. Stay hot, boys.

And all we'll be left with from the new group is Domingo Santigo and Mallax Smith and Omar and, with any luck, a restocked farm system. Hey, Jerry got Santigo for Ben Gamel. Wildest dreams.

Even Dylan Moore. Hit a 430 foot blast last night. Learned his name fast too. Made 3 errors in one inning in his debut. Cost us the game. Half our losses. Dylan Moore. 430 foot blast. Up the tunnel and into the parking lot. Holy shit.

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