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WTF is going on? I gave up on the Mariners last year and now Lookout landing appears to be following an entirely different team from the Mariners I remember. I don’t recognize any of the players, and they are 12-2. Something very weird is going on.


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You just can't make this shit up. Who wants to be the hero? Right now the M's are a multi-headed monster. The guy that is leading the league in home runs is sitting on the bench.

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They done it again. You just can't count them out anymore.

Was looking at yesterdays game. That pitcher they got from Japan doesn't show me much I mean three game and no decisions and a 4.15 era. Also that reliever Festa. When he's in, it's like he's throwing Batting Practice to the other team. His last two games they have hit him pretty hard. But all in all. Go "M's".


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Yeah, but Seagar can't hit. What's he carrying from last year. Hell, he isn't even hitting his weight.
I think his lifetime average is around .260. Not great but it doesn’t suck either. He is also a gold glover and considered one of the best defensive third basemen in the AL. Charles called it last year. Seagar’s biggest issue is he hasn’t figured out how to beat the shift.

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