NFR 2019 Mariners


I have been disappointed by the M’s too many times and I realize that despite the trouncing of the champion RedSox tomorrow they face a really good team with a winning record. I will still hope but I will worry but keep watching.


Wild Trout
3-1 loss to Verlander versus Felix? I'll take that, getting a bit back to balance and reality.

Good baseball. No matter what happens rest of season, this stretch has been the most fun to watch in the past 10-15 years.

Jamie Wilson

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Well that didn’t take long. I’m sure they’ll win a few more but I’m thinking if they win half their games that will be it. Still not going down there


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Reality check. Now we will see what this team is. Offense came back to earth, defense and pitching stayed about where it started which means without the 8 runs per game offense they lose.

We are planning to go to at least one game this year.


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Is that home run thing still going on??
Yes... I think it's at 18 games with at least 1 home run. Haniger whacked another one in the 2nd inning yesterday. The Astro's are playing as good as the M's were... at least Felix and Marco stayed with them, but the bats were gone.

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