NFR 2019 Mariners


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I believe the technical term is regression towards the norm. I hope they start winning a few cause I really like listening to a ball game when they have a chance. Some of those kids are quite likeable.


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That kid Swanson looked good tonight. From what I saw, he might be the heir apparent to the king's thrown. Of course what I saw was a 1-0 loss. That counts as regal in these parts.

Old Man

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What in the hell happened to that hitting we saw in the first 15 games. These last 6 nobody was knocking the cover off the ball like those first games. It's like they forgot how to hit.

Jamie Wilson

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I think with all of the tech/video/computer stuff the major league pitchers begin to figure the hitters out. It doesn't take long to see who can't hit a breaking ball or who is a sucker for the high and tight heat


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They'll need at least 10 or more runs to win if they continue to give up 7 runs in one inning! Unbelievable debacle from the relievers. On the bright side.. Felix actually didn't look too bad!

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