360 compass waders??

Eric Denny

Summer is over but I'm still fishing!!
I recently found this when looking at waders, has anyone used them and what's your thoughts I'm mainly talking about the zipper ones but any information would be great.
I have the women’s stocking foot waders and liked them a lot for the most part—fit well, convenient pockets, and they kept me dry...until several pinhole leaks developed in one of the stocking feet after about 20 uses. I would have sent them in for repair under warranty, but I bought them from steepandcheap and they just opt to exchange rather than repair. By the time I contacted them they no longer had the Compass waders in stock, so I’ll probably go with another brand. Can’t say that my experience is representative of the brand as a whole, though.
I have a pair that I beat the heck out of for a year. They were repaired once and about 6 months later they started leaking again. I had the tailwater waders I think is what they are called. They fit well and are comfortable. I replaced them with Simms headwater pros that started leaking around the booties in less than two months after fishing with them four times. I may just be unlucky

Aussie fly

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On my second pair. 1st pair developed a crotch seam leak after about 9 months of light use. No questions from Cabellas - just show the receipt & the exchange was made for a new pair.

Big Rob

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Subscribed. I have a pair of the Compass 360 Ledges II stocking foots in my Amazon cart for my son. Not enough reviews to make me pull the trigger. They look alright though.
1yr warranty....

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