Tacky Flydrophobic Fly Box


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Thanks Nick, I’ve been curious about that box myself.

I’m using it right now (bought a few) and it’s almost perfect. My three wishes are, in order of priority:

1. Make it 1/4-1/2” deeper.
2. Make it 1/2-3/4” wider.
3. Make the breatheable part be on the sides so the top could be clear.


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Can confirm. I got one via Trout Unlimited a few months back and I’ve been using it for some of my saltwater flies with the same results. Great flybox.


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Timely post Nick, I was wondering about the box and want to pick up a Tacky tube as well. I picked up a Patagonia "Wader work Station", the Tacky box would fit perfectly, minimalism for beach fishing, I am putting away my sling pack.
Tacky boxes will fit perfectly in the station. Yay!
Yes please minimize Dave, your sling pack weighs like 20lbs haha

I'll have to give this a try next time I buy a flybox, thanks for being the test pilot Nick.


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Yes please minimize Dave, your sling pack weighs like 20lbs haha
Hilarious! I am really trying K! :)
I know! My Patagonia rolltop bag, that I use daily for commuting, is like a black hole, I don't know why it weighs so much...I do tend to overpack though.
Reminds me of a time when I was walking to work and this religious group saw me and my enormous pack, came over to me and offered me a lunch and some talk time, I said I was on my way to work, but thanks for the offer!

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