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David Loy

Senior Moment
My brother talked of “feeding” ducks (on the lake) dog food, with a sling shot at close range. I used to work in the Ballard fishing fleet, and occasionally feed the ducks compressed bread balls. Most will know there’s always a bully, and they got the bread soaked in hot sauce.
A bit off topic.

Jeremy Floyd

fly fishing my way through life
A friend used a low power pellet gun stored by his balcony overlooking the back yard. I saw a neighbor's cat walking directly toward Tim's yard when it abruptly turned 90 degrees just before crossing into Tim's yard. He "trained" all the neighborhood cats that his wife's flower beds were not litter boxes.
Airsoft is more humane, and full auto!
Any suggestions (natural, non lethal) for when the neighbors precious kitty keeps using your flower beds for a litter box?
Cayenne pepper will deter cats. Sprinkle it on the beds for a couple of weeks. Cats like to sniff where they're going to go. Once the footprints stop your good to go.

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