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My son’s coming up from Phoenix in early August, we’re gonna catch a couple days of fishing and hanging out in the Astoria/Ilwaco area. I’d appreciate advice on guides, places to stay, things to avoid, plus the usual stock tips and marriage advice. I will be fly angling to and from, on streams with which i am familiar. Thanks


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Are you planning to try and cross the bar or only fish the buoy area? In two days fishing we only crossed the bar one day, his was with a friend in his 22' boat. The first day the Coast Guard required minimum 25' boat to cross the bar. Fishing was tough but buoy 10, at least on this trip, wasn't insanely crowded.

On another trip we hired a guide and fished the Columbia launching in Astoria; fished upstream of the bridge.
There are dozens (if not hundreds) of guides fishing the river - the first day we fished our guide had a deck hand, the second day we were without the deck hand and given the crowded fishing conditions it made it difficult to rig gear and/or change up. Wind, lots and lots and lots of boats close by, current..... since we were fishing from the Oregon side, on odd numbered calendar days we were required release of unmarked Chinook (which, of course, is all we landed).

Sorry, can't help with a guide recommendation.
I figure the Buoy 10 gig is a inside-the-bar proposition. I’m pretty much a noob...warrenton, Astoria or Ilwaco? ...is where I start...is early August okay?
.....is early August okay?
Some years, the first week of August has been productive....other years not.
This season's prediction is for a low return of chinook and an early closure. (it's gonna suck).
The coho forecast is better, but in early August the coho will be outside in the ocean...if your guide can get outside, you'll have good action.
I advise looking at the tides for the dates you plan on fishing.....avoid days with with big swings or minus tides as that will make the bar rough and lead to restrictions. You will almost certainly have the fastest action if you can get outside. At least you're away from the full moon on Aug 22.

There's a lot of good guides. However some don't fish the ocean, so when you make your booking be sure to ask. Guides with the larger boats are the ones that fish outside. A guide based in Illwaco will have a shorter run to fish outside. Lodging there is limited so you'll want to make reservations ASAP.
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Early August is fairly slow fishing even in a good Chinook year, and 2019 is forecast to be a very poor Chinook season. Peak for URB Chinook is mid-August at B-10 when the small tidal exchanges coincide. If you're stuck with the early August time frame, you will get a better shot at salmon by going with a guide or charter boat in the ocean. Even if Chinook are few and far between, the coho forecast is the best since 2014, so you should have some coho in your cooler.

It's getting late to reserve a place to stay; August books early, like mid-Jan through Feb. You should be able to find something however, but I don't have any recommendations.

Don't ask me about stock tips. I buy high; sell low, and it's hard to make up the difference. Probably shouldn't ask me for marriage advice either.


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Buoy 10 - This salmon rod and reel rests somewhere on the bottom. Jeff had the drag set so tight that when a big Chinook hit, it snapped the pin of the rod holder (50# leader didn't break, the pin did??) and the rod went sailing out the stern of the boat. brown pelican.JPG
These guys were catching fish (August 23rd).

I'd never been to Cape Disappointment before this trip. Even though the fishing was very slow, it was a lot of fun.


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Been fishing it successfully for 20 years.
I can answer most of your questions.
The first one is what are your dates?
Most places are booked all of August. Take what you can get.


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Guides are likely booked, if so
call Coho Charters and jump on a party boat( puker)
They’ll get you on some fish, inside, or most likely outside of the Columbia River Bar.
Register at ifish.net and do a search for Buoy 10.
You’ll learn a Ton.
Mid August may be better than early August.

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