FS Kit to build a Granger 7030 bamboo rod


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I ordered this blank and components last fall and then came across a 7' rod that I bought and will fish, so this project needs a new owner. It's a 7' ferruled blank from Dennis Stone using the Granger 7030 taper. 2/2 including the extra tip. I had Dennis add an ammoniated blank treatment. There is already a cork grip and winding check mounted. I also have the following ready to finish the project:

Wright McGill Granger reel seat (the seat has no dents and is cosmetically very good, the screw lock functions however the bottom piece sometimes slips out of alignment which I've seen in other seats like this)
Full set of chrome snake guides
Stripping guide
matching tip tops

Dennis's regular price for the ferruled, ammoniated blank is $340. The seat, guides and tip tops probably cost another $90-100.

Offering the full kit at $300 shipped or $275 local pickup near Mill Creek. If you want a particular spool of silk I may have one available to toss into the mix.

Thanks for looking.


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