FS Sage LL 389-2 refinished (not factory built)


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A few years ago I found an ugly duckling home-wrapped Sage LL 389-2 rod. I stripped the rod back to a bare blank then refinished it in the style of the original Sage factory rods, adding one bit of "bling" - a fancy stripping guide. I keep fishing only bamboo so I'm putting this up for sale. There are two negatives to the rod:
1. The original wraps bit into the finish and left some minor markings on the blank. They've mostly come out with light polishing but some remain.
2. The rod didn't have the factory sock and tube. I found a close but not perfect match, a LL tube and sock for a Sage LL 490-2 rod.

These rods are sweet, hard to find and still one of Sage's most popular rods of all-time. This one has some negatives but will fish and look great on the stream. I'm offering this rod at $375 shipped or $350 local pickup near Mill Creek. Thanks for looking.


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