UV Resins ???


If it swims I'm interested.
I've found the Bone Dry to be pretty durable as I've been know to beat a clouser or two against beaches over the last 30 years. ;)
I'm just glad we have all these choices in UV resins. We've never had it so good.
I'm sure someone will complain their are too many cure options.....just like those damn new overweighted fly lines models, lol.
The options that we have today are great. Akin to a kid in a candy store. When I'm trying flies my wife says, "Oh, your playing".


If it swims I'm interested.
The bone dry arrived in the mail today. I gave it a whirl and it was just what I was looking for. Thanks Nick Clayton and others.


If it swims I'm interested.
I ordered this curing light for $24.99 on Amazon. It works better than my expensive loon light. Where Loon flow wouldn't completely cure now it does.


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Norm Frechette

solarez will have tinted resins in the future (not bone dry)



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Hey guys
Tried out the new colored solarez, at first I was disappointed with the colors and how thick the resin is. After playing with around with it I like it, by blending the layers it has a neat affect. On the picture fly I layered a green base and topped both the bottom and top with blue topaz. I liked the end result, also in the fluorescent colors I prefer gulff resins. F510D7B8-87E0-46AC-BE0A-8DF6637EA61A.jpeg 66058708-7FD8-48F7-BA1A-85185613EDE2.jpeg

Adam Saarinen

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Loon is shit! Deercreek really is 100% tack free, but smells the most i think! I'm a big fan of Gulff these days, low smell & i'm being honest by saying 98-99% tack free! I would buy solarez, but it just isn't avalable in Finland!

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