FS Fish Cat & Caddis Float Tubes

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Update: The Fish Cat has been sold, but the Caddis tube is still available.

I'm selling these two float tubes for my girlfriend. Her family had a lake cabin that they just sold, and these were with some fishing gear they had there. I'm not sure how much they were used, but they honestly look like they are in perfect condition. So I would guess they were only used a few times. The first one is a Fish Cat 4. Asking $200 obo for that one. The other is made by Caddis (not sure of the specific model). Asking $75 for that one, but open to offers. There is one set of fins that can go with whichever one sells first if you want them. I'm in Seattle, but chase fish east of the mountains most weekends, so I could probably meet somewhere between Seattle and Ellensburg or maybe even Rocky Ford on the weekend.








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The T.O. Show

Buenos Hatches Ese
This might be a long shot and I should have posted it earlier, but I will be leaving this afternoon for Ontario, OR. If anyone in between there and Seattle is interested, I can throw one or both of these in the truck and meet you along the way. You'd have to let me know ASAP though.

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