FS Simms jackets and packs.


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For sale are the folowing:
Black Simms g4 wading jacket used but in fantastic shape. Size large 290.00 shipped.
Green Simms vapor elite gortex jacket, more of a summer/tropical packable affair. Size large170.00 shipped.
A black g4 water resistant wading pack seriously well thought out. 120.00 sold.
A khaki Simms headwaters backpack and detachable chest pack.100.00 sold. 20190325184339_IMG_0719.JPG 20190325183928_IMG_0717.JPG 20190325184600_IMG_0720.JPG 20190325184609_IMG_0721.JPG 20181230101550_IMG_0495.JPG 20190325184736_IMG_0722.JPG
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I'm 6ft 185, they both fit pretty lose with the g4 feeling close to too big on me. They both seem to error slightly to the large side of large based on other jackets I own.

Richard E

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What size person does a large Simms jacket fit?
I wear XL and Large in clothes, and the Large Simms probably is the best fit for me (athletic 5-10 205). I see some folks wear their vest on the inside of their jacket; I would definitely need an XL if I were like them, but I am not.
Yea, at 6' 220 I might be an XL Simms kinda guy.

However, I want that wading backpack so shoot me a PM and we can get it figured out. Thanks.
FWIW, I'm 6'2" 190 and wear a large Simms Bulkley. On cold days I'll wear a thermal shirt and a thick wool sweater without feeling restricted. It is a little loose around the waist, but that's what the drawstrings are for I guess.

I got my 6'4" 230 brother-in-law an xl Simms long sleeve shirt for Christmas and it's the best fitting shirt he owns :D

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