Gotta love Hank!


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Hahahaha... I watched the whole first video. In the first 30 seconds i thought oh he is totally annoying. But i kept watching because i hate nymphing.

I now think he is hilarious. I laughed out loud when he was stripping out all the line. And the mending! And when he says if it makes you feel better to call a bobber a strike indicator. (Plus if you are taking a photo make sure the bobber is not in the photo). The little girl Cassidy is great.

Thanks for the morning laugh @roadglideguy !


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His older stuff with Reese is the best.
This years F3T had him in South Dakota...probably the lamest video, just after the boring "ski/snowboard/Spey/Steelhead vid...that was the worst evar. :(
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Trout Thank Me
I would totally go fishing with Hank. I loved how the young girl Cassidy handled him in the first video by basically dismissing him, and he and i might get into it. And it would be fun i think.

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