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With the onset of nicer weather and the lakes becoming thawed, I started making some serious preparations for the upcoming trout season. Then it dawned on me...last year I lost two different rods (6 weight Sage and a 5 weight Winston) as they found their watery graves for time and all eternity. Then I realized I had two broken rods that I meant to send back for repair (a 6 and 5 weight Winston) last winter but forgot. And for some reason, I'm missing a 4 weight somewhere. I now have come to the realization that I'm down a few rods for the start of the season and I better start thinking about some replacements real quick. My rod supply is starting to sound like Barney's beer supply.

Luckily there are a lot of people out there that are willing to sell me fly rods (and you too) so I'm not particularly worried. But it's a little bit of a weird feeling, being behind the 8 ball when things are just about ready to start rocking. I have access to some really high end rods, really low end rods, and a bunch of Cabela's bucks that I have accumulated that I could redeem. Decisions...decisions. :confused:

Unlike a lot of folks, I don't usually get enamored by a particular rod style, action, or brand. Maybe I'm not a good enough caster to really make a quality rod shine to its utmost performance but I find that just about any rod, fit with a quality line, can do the job for me. I have always looked at rods like a tool, to be used to get the job done rather than bother with such nuances such as casting enjoyment and least lake fishing. I guess maybe dry fly fishing rivers is a different category. But for lake fishing, I guess I never got too worked up about action and style. Most rods can get 30-60 feet of line out there with a balance leech or midge under a bobber. ;)

For some reason, I have always been more fascinated with reels and their design. I'm more likely to over spend on a reel than a rod...which is why I'm still missing the loss of my San Miguel last fall. :(
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BDD, I like what you are saying. I have a few high end rods. Mostly middle of the road rods. With a few low end rods that I usually let newbies or kids use. I was fishing with an 8 year old boy this last week and let him use one of my Redington rods and he caught 3 beautiful fish. He is hooked and I told him I would build him a rod when he was 10. I too find I generally only need to cast from 30 to 60 feet or so. When I am fishing local lakes I usually troll and don't cast much. I do prefer fishing small rivers when I will cast any fly in my collection to see what works. In the last couple of years I have been fishing with more bamboo, new and old bamboo. I love the look and tradition of the bamboo. I have never felt the need to spend 8 or 900 dollars on the latest, new technology. I have spent that kind of money on a few of my bamboo rods, but that is art not just a rod.

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I have a old bamboo fly rod with electric tape holding the guides on, paired with an old fly reel, and there it is on the wall, with a wicker fishing bracket under the rod, damn thing doesn't catch anything but cob webs.
I just don't get it, why would I do something like that?


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If you promise not to toss them into the drink I have 6 @ 6wt, 5 at @ 5wt, 3 @ 4wt, 3 @ 3wt, 1 @ 1wt for trout that you can borrow till you refill your quiver. All speeds, glass, carbon and a Tenkara rod just 5 minutes from you.


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yo Pescaphile - about those RPL's. I'd be interested in seeing what you want for those rods.......
Off the top of my head I have two two-piece RPLs, a 9-foot #7 and a 9.5-foot #8 (790 RPL and 896 RPL) both from the early 90s. I also have a Winston 8 foot #4 TMF from the same era and possibly another Winston or RPL, I'd have to check to be sure.

I just can't seem to get rid of them because they wont fetch a high enough price, so I keep 'em. You could probably have one if you made me really really good offer that I just couldn't pass up! Could be tough though as I am leaving next week for a couple of months.

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