Trip Report Spring break Oahu, Hawaii


Blind Casters Anonymous
-Figure sitting in the airport is a good time to reflect and write a little something of the last week or so back home on Oahu

Leaving 75 degree Bellingham weather and trading it for 75 degree Oahu weather felt funny and the main difference as always is the humidity. The parents surprised me with a plane ticket purchased on miles so I couldn't say no. Normally I wouldn't go home for such a short amount of time in between classes but a snowy winter kept me in Bellingham, specifically snowboarding and working at Mt. Baker. Consequently sprained my ankle so no surfing on this trip but at least there's fishing. Equipped with a shitty Cabelas 8-weight and my trusty lamson liquid I was ready to get frustrated fishing for Hawaiian Bonefish yet again. First couple days the wind was pushing 20 knots and I just figured I'd do some blindcasting to get on the board first. Hooked 3 fish and was only able to land one. Wish I would have taken a picture of the big boy I caught. It was easily 30 inches and had some serious girth. Hooked pulled when I went to grab the leader. Oh well. It's interesting how much harder the small ones fight. Generally two or three backing burning runs while the bigger ones just make one huge run. I'm interested in getting a bigger real with more backing capacity because sometimes 200 yrds feels like not enough with these fish. Mid week the fishing seriously slowed down. All I could catch were cornet fish that barely put a bend in an 8-weight. Had to take a break and do some other stuff other than fishing. After some solid family time and only a few day left I decided it was time to get back after it. Still no fish until the day before I was about to leave. Waited until the afternoon and the wind died so I knew it was now or never to get another fish. Waded out to the flat near my house and immediately spotted a fish cruising away from me. General rule of thumb is to put your fly in between the Bonefish and yourself to make it seem like they are scaring your fly. Fish was probably 30 feet away and I gave a sloppy cast about 5 feet to the left of the fish. Saw the fish turn and start swimming to my fly. Didn't see the eat and honestly thought I was snagged on the bottom but all of a sudden the line came tight and it was fish on. One long run and Mr. Oi'o gave up. Biggest stoker of the trip was catching a bone on a fly I tied my self and all my knots holding... Now back to school till June.

Caught some weird looking fish other than bonefish. Pictures below.

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