FS Two Watermaster Rafts (Grizzly and Kodiak)


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I’m getting out of the Watermaster lifestyle for the time being. These boats have served me well and it’s time for someone else to enjoy them. Buy them both and I’ll knock $100 off the total. I would prefer not to ship these. Located in Ellensburg, WA.

Boat #1 Watermaster Kodiak - Sold

I bought this boat new in 2010 and it has only been used on lakes, and very lightly in the last 5 years. It is 100% functional. Comes with:

  • two sets of standard break-down oars,
  • cloth seat,
  • custom boat bottom (fish like a Pram),
  • dolly for walking the boat on trails after inflating (think Lenice!),
  • 6lb cannonball anchor and 30’ nylon solid braid line,
  • rod holder,
  • repair kit,
  • stripping apron,
  • 12v adapter pump (this pump will get the boat to 75-80%, top off with manual pump),
  • WM fins,
  • large pack bag with backpack straps,
  • 2 smaller dry bags

Boat #2 Watermaster Grizzly - SOLD

I am the second owner of this boat and have only used it on lakes. It was a little dinged up when I got it in 2007 but it continues to do the job. This has been my backup/bring a buddy boat and as such, has been used very little. It has several scratches and surface scuffs but holds air all day. I always bring the pump along when I run this boat but I’ve never needed to add air. I made an effort to catalog and photograph every flaw I could find. Another minor issue is one nylon clip for the seat is cracked. This doesn’t keep the seat system from working but it’s there. If any leaks are found, I am including a repair kit with several pre-cut patches. Priced to sell as-is.

The Grizzly comes with:

  • A pair of heavy duty Watermaster break-down oars,
  • Cloth seat,
  • Rod holder,
  • Repair kit and manual,
  • Stripping apron,
  • Manual Foot Pump,
  • WM fins,
  • Large pack bag with backpack straps,
  • 1 smaller dry bag

Somebody take both of these and go have fun!
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What is the white thing around the bottom of the first boat. Am interested in the second boat. Live in othello. Mike w

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