FS TFO large arbor 425 reel, new in box

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I'm on of those guys who gets stuff one year or more in advance of a trip or event. Bought two black TFO 425 reels for a planned tarpon trip; unfortunately, finances are dictating no trip for me (at this time), so the reels need to find a new home.

Do a web search about these TFO reels, and you will find nothing but positive remarks. TFO products have lifetime warranties, and TFO provides some of the best customer service in the biz. These are a solid deal at the retail of $389 , they are a bargain at my price of $160 each, excluding shipping to the lower 48. Buyer picks up any PayPal fees, if any. These truly are awesome reels, and spin super freely and easily.

Diameter: 4.25"
Width: 2"
Weight: 9.2 ounces (weight wise could even be a "big" 9 weight)
Capacity: 275 yards/30 lb dacron/WF10F

from the web:

Temple Fork Outfitters’ Large Arbor reels are machined from aircraft-grade aluminum and offer a state-of-the-art draw bar/carbon fiber disk drag. Three bearings give our reel its smooth-as-silk spin, and a one-way roller bearing makes it easily convertible from left hand to right hand retrieve.

The Temple Fork Large Arbor fly reels are perfect for both freshwater and hardcore saltwater use. Lightweight and powerful, they are exactly what you want on your rod when you hook that fish of a lifetime.

and from Yellowstone Angler:

The 375 is a perfect reel for 4-6 wt spey rods and the 425 is good for lines up to 10 wt spey. They also do great for chasing saltwater species or large freshwater game. This is one of our favorite spey reels that we've ever found and it's extremely durable.


800_TFO_425_P1350142.jpg black 1.jpg carrete_TFO_M375_M.jpg

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