Trip Report Tubin' Central WA

Sir Homey

Level 7 Dungeon Master
Getting better with each visit.

Made it back out to this beautiful central WA lake with @SquatchinSince86 This year we made the trip earlier in hopes of finding colder water and more eager fish. I'd say we succeeded on both counts.

Fish seemed everywhere in the lake and dozens were landed. We saw (and landed them) cruising shallow, we picked em up out in the center of the lake, and the morning/evening rise was both glorious and painful to watch.

Credit to Squatch for his excellent flies, smooth whiskey, and hot noodle dinner that I'd advise increasing the quantity of by 5 fold. Already looking forward to the next run.


how come you taste so good.jpg




fins up.jpg


duraflame toe warmer.jpg


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