NFR Shingrix (Shingles) Shots

Brian Miller

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That's my story too, @ Walgreens. Got my follow up shot today.
I did have reactions to the 2nd Shingrix shot; flu-like symptoms beginning about 18 hour afterwards that lasted for a day, along with a pretty sore arm with reddening that was reduced to itching for a few days. But I regard that as minor compared to this

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and postherpetic neuralgia (PHN) .


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Physical every year. But after a case of shingles on my head at 74, I found that all the shots over the years did not include shingles. My fault, I knew better, and should have checked. 2nd shot not good as Brian said. Flu for 2 days. Nothing compared to a case of shingles.


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I got shingles in my mid thirties. My wife is a nurse and noticed a small sore on my chest and had me go in to see the doctor right away.

Impacted nerves that formed a belt from my back around to my chest. I'm in my mid 40's now and still get flare ups but no external symptoms or rashes . Feels like burning / prickly sensation and itchiness on my back. It's uncomfortable but doesn't really impact my quality of life that much.

My family got annoyed with me always asking for back scratches and bought me a nice back scratcher that does the trick.

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