NFR Ages.


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47 and have been fishing since I was six. I started fishing in Sweden when we lived there, but I won't say that I fished for exotic fish unless perch and carp are exotic. Took about a twenty year break and picked up fishing again about two years ago - I'm not letting it go again.


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The nice thing about being an otter is that you dont age, your soul just moves on to the next otter, but someday we will run out of otters and then we will be coming for you.

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This has nothing to do with ages, But on the 1st of May I will be retired for 20 years. From the lazy "B" After about 38 years of putting up with their bullshit.


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79, been fishing since I was 7, spent the first 17 years in Ontario slaying spiny rays and Catfish. The army ent me to Alberta when I was 17 and I changed over to trout. caught some brookies and lake trout ( char ) in Ontario. After the army it was into BC and I really got hooked on Steelhead, became a junkie for many years. Now they are almost gone so it is back to Trout in lakes and the small rivers. I still fish the free flowing part of the Columbia at Castlegar BC with my jet boat but it is getting harder to find partners.

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