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66 here. Not sure when I started fly fishing. My dad used all kinds of rods, spinning, fly, etc. He didn’t really care what type of equipment he used. It was all fishing. I would think around seven or eight I likely had a fly rod in my hands. From a kid fishing with my dad until I was in my late teens early twenties I fished quite a bit. I started commercial fishing after moving to Lopez Is, WA sometime in the mid seventies. Moved back to the mainland late eighties and the kids got me back into fishing with a rod. Picked up a fly rod soon after and this time my compulsive, obsessive personality took over and I dove into every aspect of fly fishing. Soon I owned more than 20 to 30 rods, four or five boats, several vises and enough tying material to stock a shop.

I have given up steelhead fishing and for the most part any fishing that requires wading. Medical issues have caused balance problems and I tend to fall down when wading. Something about standing in moving water gives me vertigo. I can still fish the river for sea run cutthroat from my boat. This summer I’m going to try and do more lake fishing. Still have a pontoon and a small aluminum boat.


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37. Started fishing around 4-5, spin gear and planters( rivers used to be stocked back then). Started fly fishing shortly thereafter. I enjoy the adventure and setting of fishing more now, it's not about catching huge numbers or huge fish. So, some things change....


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I am 68. My Mom used to bribe my ass hole cousin to take me fishing.Dad worked 7 days in the boat yards and had little time.We fished Rageing and Tokul in the 60's The car was a 56 chev worth bout 28 bucks , then and now.No reverse so I had to walk the dirt roads to make sure he could turn around to get out..I was 6 or 7 carrying a Granger Victory my Mom had purchased for my Grandfather with her 1st pay check during the 2nd world war. My go to fly was an Evening dress caddis imitation, worked great drifted under the under cut banks .We listened for car doors to close and hid if we heard em due to the closed status.. It was fun then. We got caught once when a family came walking down the trail , my cousin told them we had rights to fish cause he owned the property. He was kinda dumb and the Man with the family pointed out he owned the property. Exit stage right?


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Hahahaha....No, No and No.

I like to sit at the bar.
My new favorite song is Still Feel by Half Alive (though i am not sure it’s in the Top Ten.
I drive a 2008 red Honda Accord coupe and it’s a stick too!

I’m older but in my head i am still 32 years old.

I used to have this much older friend Dorothy who lived in our community. (I actually have always had too many older friends). When she was in her early 80’s i was in my late 40’s. She was super sharp, had been a Marine, beat me in Scrabble more than i beat her and was well read on the news and politics. She was funny and shot straight from the hip. I adored her. She told me that she always felt like she was still in her 30’s and i kind of thought she was kidding... But now i get what she means. I sort of forgot i was going to get older. That i would start feeling it because i’ve Been so healthy for so long and i think because i don’t have children that i’m Not constantly reminded by the children i don’t have that i am uncool and not young.

Edited to add that Half Alive is not Top Ten but it is #14 on this week’s list. And is mentioned many times. View attachment 198315
DAMN, no Faron Young huh?


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Just turned 46. Fishing since about 1978; fly fishing since '82, with a break of about 15 years while I lived in Texas.

Others had more fun stuff and pictures to share, so I'll leave it here and make room for more of that!

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