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66 here. Not sure when I started fly fishing. My dad used all kinds of rods, spinning, fly, etc. He didn’t really care what type of equipment he used. It was all fishing. I would think around seven or eight I likely had a fly rod in my hands. From a kid fishing with my dad until I was in my late teens early twenties I fished quite a bit. I started commercial fishing after moving to Lopez Is, WA sometime in the mid seventies. Moved back to the mainland late eighties and the kids got me back into fishing with a rod. Picked up a fly rod soon after and this time my compulsive, obsessive personality took over and I dove into every aspect of fly fishing. Soon I owned more than 20 to 30 rods, four or five boats, several vises and enough tying material to stock a shop.

I have given up steelhead fishing and for the most part any fishing that requires wading. Medical issues have caused balance problems and I tend to fall down when wading. Something about standing in moving water gives me vertigo. I can still fish the river for sea run cutthroat from my boat. This summer I’m going to try and do more lake fishing. Still have a pontoon and a small aluminum boat.
37. Started fishing around 4-5, spin gear and planters( rivers used to be stocked back then). Started fly fishing shortly thereafter. I enjoy the adventure and setting of fishing more now, it's not about catching huge numbers or huge fish. So, some things change....

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