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Kimball Leighton

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A life in brief: Hooked on fly fishing since I made a rod from pieces of spinning rods, spooled level line on a Medalist and caught my first fish on a dry black gnat -- an idelible take and moment when JFK was running for pres. Fished worldwide during a journalist career and rolled up in Montana 1990. Guided for a dozen years to support the habit. At 69, still have the bug and looking forward to at least a decade of tight lines. :)


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55. Some days I feel like the 6 million dollar man...a man barely alive.

Starting tying flies at my Grandma's house when I was 10 or so to stay out of trouble and started fly fishing a couple years after that but I like all kinds of fishing; spin, fly, legal and semi-legal. It's all good.

Brian Miller

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Nothing new, been happening for centuries.

When I was a kid in the 1950s it was Geritol largely marketed on television programs that appealed primarily to older viewers, such as The Lawrence Welk Show, What's My Line?, To Tell the Truth, Hee Haw, and Ted Mack's Original Amateur Hour. It contained about 12% alcohol and some B vitamins.


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71 here. I started fished for bullheads on the beach with a handline when I was 6 or 7. No one else in my family fished, but fishing was just "in me". Some of my best memories are riding my bike with buddies to various streams, hoping to hook that 14" lunker trout. When I reached my teens, fishing took a back burner as I pursued different prey. A busy family life and career didn't leave me much time for fishing, and I didn't take it up seriously until I retired 13 years ago. Since then, it's become my main interest, living in an area where I can fish 12 months/yr....It's a good life and.....I'm sorry, what was the question again ?


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I'm 64, turning 65 in August and I'm retiring in 21 days.:D
I cut my fishing teeth in Race Lagoon on Whidbey Island in the early 60's catching sculpins (bull heads then) and starry flounder using raw bacon or weiners, for bait.
Fished the Nooksack for SRC and local Whatcom county lakes with bait growing up in Ferndale.
On TV I watched Gaddabout Gaddis catch half pounder steelhead on the Rogue and thought that is just grand. It really piqued my interest in fly fishing. In the late 70's I took the plunge and bought a Fenwick 7wt. and Pflueger Medalist reel with a floating DT line
at H&H sporting goods in Bellingham from Jerry Wells. Subsequently I took a fly tying class from Jerry and was on my way.
It's been a delightful ride and I look forward hopefully to many more memories to be made in retirement.
Congratulations on your upcoming retirement. This is a gig you're going to really enjoy!

And I'm 70. Hope I am still kicking around skinny water when I'm @Old Man Jim's age!
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Don't feel bad old man. Eventually there comes a time when you just can't do it anymore. I went fishing with my dad and in Maine and it was pretty disheartening. We waited in some riffles about knee-deep. If it wasn't for a patch of grass in the middle of the riffles he would have gone for quite a ride. He's just not steady on his feet anymore. It'll probably be one of his last trips. His dad stopped fishing at 70. It sucks when you lose a fishing buddy to age. Still a buddy just no more fishing.

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I can still fish, it's the getting out there is the problem. The heart is willing but the body balks every so often. I haven't got wet in about three years now. About the only time I wade is to cool off from the summer sun. I haven't had to cool off lately. Plus I usually fish alone. I have been doing it that way just about as long as I have been fishing.

When I worked for a living I pounded down lots of overtime so I could buy toys to fish with. So my days off were different from everybody else. When I retired in 1999. I was off and everybody else was still working. Some of us just don't win.

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