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Thank you. Yes I was big at one time. I am now slimmed down to 222lbs. I met you at one of those casting clinic's we used to go to. You had that wooden rod and you were showing all how it casted. Being that we are all older now and we are all slowing down.

When I lived in Dillon I was in the middle of fishing heaven. Now that I am in Butte I'm in the middle of fishing HELL. In Dillon I had the Beaverhead about a 1/2 mile from my house. The Big Hole 20 miles from home Several high lakes and Reservoirs close by. Numerous small skinny water within 45 miles. In Butte we have the Silverbow creek which is almost barren. Blacktail creek just about the same. I do have Anaconda close by which has Warm Springs Creek running through town and the Warm Springs ponds The Starting point of Clark Fork is there.

Boy, I sure like to ramble on don't I. Somebody mentions something and it clicks something in my brain and off I go. I guess that comes from being an old man and having many memories.
Keep your thoughts coming, there being well received by all..:)


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I was into another thread. We were talking about ages and being old. I would like to know if somebody on here is older and still fishing. Or just how old all you asshats are. I'm 84 and have been fly fishing since 1957 or so. I have also fished just about every way that is out there. And I ea lot of fish in my life time. Nothing great as I just like to fish small skinny water. Oh, and I have never left the States to fish for exodic fish.
I’m 71 and caught my first fish on a fly (with a little help from my dad) when I was about 3 years old...and never stopped fly fishing. Fished with my dad until his death in 2004.

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66 and doing okay in heart and mind. I grew up in Camas WA fishing the lake every opening day ….16 fish limit,,,at 12 Dad bought me a fly rod...fished Merril from the bank...try and do that now. Fished the lower Washougal for steelhead in JR High and HS...met or saw Bill McMillan land a steelhead and that changed me in a mystical way. Dad , my brother and I lived on the Columbia River...salmon spring and fall Snake river steelhead which were brutes...College small water ninja shit of youth hiking in to places to scary for me and strenuous for me now...The Wind, the Kalama, the Cowlitz, the Elocoman and all streams to the coast, and lakes lot's of lakes, later the yak the crooked the Metolius Hosmer East lake too manyto mention...and now chill and that fly fishing fever has subsided from that of youth...I fish when it is planned,,,and have a partner to do so...I tie but not often because of other irons in the fire,,,art is a compulsion, gardening too and writing poetry when the mood hits me...All of that is me for good or ill...Ellen is a trooper and a wonderful grounding influence. That is my story...yeah in brief.
updated...Ellen still a great friend...I moved on...Jeanne is my fiance'...she is 65 approximately my age which is so right. Met her in college 47 years ago...met again online because I had lost track of her as both our kids grew up and we have grandkids both now....It is a fairy tale beginning of distant love that was always there until life steered us elsewhere. Fly fishing has definitely taken the back seat though I often think of times on the water, the glorious, trying, successes and joys , death marches and small disasters.

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