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Wild Trout
that is funny and I really don't like mac and cheese...ithink it was all those years of Mission mac and cheese for the kids and their endless love for that and those bisquick weener wraps...Good gawd never again...Ha!
Kraft w/ grated extra sharp Cheddar or nothing, Mission gave it up I think, those curved elbow noodles haunt me.

I'd go back to grade school and jr high just for the Mac and Cheese or Sloppy Joes!

Skip Enge

Uck Uck Uck, bitches
It was a budget thing back when a family of 4 and $50-60 thous was middle income...maybe lower but we didn't think that way $100 thous and struggle...but then you gotta have a new car right? The crash will fall ahead of us again and all the snooty know it alls of this new generation will get a piece of it like we did...I would not wish that on anyone...The crash kicked my arse...That is why when my compadres in the school district speak of retirement I sort of joke...I will retire when they drag me out on a stretcher


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I hate aging. Live to climb peaks, mountain bike, tele ski and nordic, paddleboard, hunt most everything with shotgun,rifle, bow,blackpowder.
And then there is fishing. Been fishing for 50 years, fly fishing for 44 years. Thanks to my grandfather who inspired me, his closet of Payne rods and L.C.Smith shotguns was my haunt.
56 next month.Shit, correction in a few weeks.


Triploid, Humpy & Seaplane Hater....Know Grizzler
I'm 64, turning 65 in August and I'm retiring in 21 days.:D
I cut my fishing teeth in Race Lagoon on Whidbey Island in the early 60's catching sculpins (bull heads then) and starry flounder using raw bacon or weiners, for bait.
Fished the Nooksack for SRC and local Whatcom county lakes with bait growing up in Ferndale.
On TV I watched Gaddabout Gaddis catch half pounder steelhead on the Rogue and thought that is just grand. It really piqued my interest in fly fishing. In the late 70's I took the plunge and bought a Fenwick 7wt. and Pflueger Medalist reel with a floating DT line
at H&H sporting goods in Bellingham from Jerry Wells. Subsequently I took a fly tying class from Jerry and was on my way.
It's been a delightful ride and I look forward hopefully to many more memories to be made in retirement.
Congrats Fred.
I hope you enjoy your retirement and maybe we can get out and chase some salmon or searuns in the future.


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71 and well used. I started fly fishing around 1968, which was a couple of years after I started tying flies - I tend to do things bass akwards a lot. I fished only flowing water because lakes were for old used-up codgers waiting to die. One year I managed to get over 100 days on the water. Then one day in late 2011 I got a sharp pain in my gut, died in the O R that night, and was resuscitated with only a few lasting effects. A few more stays in the hospital, 120ish more staples, and I qualified for codgerdom. 2015ish I was ready to fish again and @MelW was kind and generous enough to introduce a total stranger to stillwater. A year or two later @bxboy literally moved into the ‘hood and lake fishing became my regular thing. I've been so fortunate in friendships that I can never repay.

I still miss the streams and rivers, though, but my balance is gone and the legs are old. Instead I intend to find 10 new-to-me stillwaters this year.

Life is good!

Nick Clayton

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I turn 40 in August.

Started fishing when I was 4. Got my first fly rod for my 15th birthday, a fly tying kit the following Christmas. Weird to think I've been fly fishing for almost 25 years


the sultan of swing
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Soon to be 59 , started fishing on lake Aberdeen in 1964 & have been both a sport & commercial fisherman Ever since then. I have fished commercial from the Bering sea to the Mexico boarder. I have sport fished in Washington ,Oregon,Montana ,Idaho & Alaska. Started fly fishing at about the age of 12. Now I work at Boeing as a C.N.C. Mechanic on Robots.

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