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Clean toys are happy toys. Mine get a bath on a regular basis Jeep is 20 years old, original paint (though a lot of original "parts" have been upgraded) & when not in-use it lives in the garage because it has earned that spot. ;)
That is a nice rig Jim.
I'm not much of a car guy myself, so the cleanliness of my rigs really shows.
Especially my fishing rig.

Jim Ficklin

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That is a nice rig Jim.
I'm not much of a car guy myself, so the cleanliness of my rigs really shows.
Especially my fishing rig.
Thanks, Brian. It is a continuing 20-year project, lol.

My truck stays a little grungy when in frequent use at times, but I firmly believe that clean rigs just seem to run better, lol. The Jeep gets washed whenever it gets dirty, the truck & Outback once a week, depending on weather. I see no use in changing a car-care practice that I've followed for over half a century. Interiors are always clean/cleaned-up.

Jim Ficklin

Genuine Montana Fossil
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I am 71. I learned to fish on the Toutle River when it was pristine; wet waded with a spinning rod/reel. Later I learned to fish the salt on the old Sperry Dock and the Dickman Mill in Tacoma. Trouble is I have a 30 year old mind to go along with the 71 year old body so I get myself in trouble on a regular basis.:cool:
Kindred spirits, Steve :D.


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Well, after reading this one I can make a few assumptions about the majority on this forum:

- you like to sit in the booth at the restaurant for long periods of time.
- you can't name a single song currently in the top 10
- you really like the new Buick suv's
Ha, I think you and I are roughly the same age (within a year or two). What do you think 25 YO’s are saying about you....

- phone calls, wait - what are those?
- your favorite musicians play instruments??
- you met your significant other for the first time person, eeeww.
- you remember when MTV played music videos?
- you don’t have to “grease up” when you put on a pair of jeans (wait- this one may no apply to you....)

Better yet, what do you think they think about you? I’m guessing the same thing they think about this guy.... :).


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Geeez OMJ I was born in 1957. You've been casting flies for a looong time. Was fiberglass a new space age material back then?
I'll be 62 this summer and started fly fishing when I was about 40. Not nearly enough though so I've negotiated a semi retirement thing and I'll be out exploring the blue squiggly lines a bunch this summer.
I don't know about that. My first rod was Fiberglass, 9' 6wt, a Sal/Trout Click pawl reel and I think the line was HCH. I learned how to tie a nail knot back then, But forgot how now. The first of May I'll have been retired for 20 years. I haven't done a lick of work since I retired. Mowing the lawn doesn't count as I only did it once every 10 days.

Skip Enge

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My floss game gives me instant cred

This woman is Ellens hero... I take note. My dentist would know I don't floss. I say would because dental care is out of my price range...and I want to stay out of Ellens power punch range too.
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Skip Enge

Uck Uck Uck, bitches
Nice round-house right! Can't say that I blame the young lady.
pencil necked little shit...I am reasonably this was a set up...but it is still funny...too many HS kids when asked what they are gonna do after or online stardom...sad really...No really sad.

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