Yee-haww! Finally caught some SRC from the salt last night at Narrows View Park(?). Saw a few other ff guys coming and going but not sure how they fared. Fish were moderately active & I managed to land 2 and a couple possible missed bumps. It was fun, there was no mistaking the hits. Nice, agressive hits & a scrappy fight from a couple 11-12 inchers. We were there from about 7pm-8:30pm.

Even better, I had just tied the winning fly up earlier in the afternoon just for the occasion. I've seen similar flies but don't remember the any case, I just made up the ingredients based on what I had....#6 2x streamer hook//flat silver Braided Mylar body//Gray Squirrel tail underwing with 2 strands of silver flashabou//4 strands of peacock hearl for an overwing, tied a little longer than the underwing//Black thread head. -tied somewhat sparse. I tried 2 other flies and my buddy tried several, but that fly was the only one that took any fish.

Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
Awww, heck! I thought you were gonna turn us all on to a new product that magically lets us catch some fish! :D
But congrats! Nothing like fooling your first searun cutt on a fly you tied yourself and bringing the tough little scrapper to hand to admire it's beauty! :beer2: (actually a "double latte")


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