Southern Vancouver or San Juan Islands

I'm fishing at Clayoquot Sound from the 25th through the 29th (best saltwater flyfishing in the Northwest). My wife and son are coming, and we're going to make an expanded family vacation out of it, leaving home on the 23rd and coming home around the 1st (to take labor day for decompression). So I'm looking for ideas of other places to camp or stay on the way up and the way back, on southern Vancouver Island, and/or the San Juans. They don't necessarily have to be fishing oriented (my wife will be getting HER fill of that in Tofino).

I'm particularly interested in the San Juans, as believe it or not, I've never been! Are there nice places to car-camp, or reasonably priced accomodations anyone could recommend. We don't mind "rustic" as long as its well kept, and we'd even be open to a hostel-type place if it offered private rooms. We'd like to keep it under a hundred (US) a night if we could. And finally, something close to good beach fishing (for salmon, cutthroat, and/or rockfish), that I could sneak off to before breakfast wouldn't hurt.

Thanks for any help.
The state park on Orcas Island is a nice place to camp & fish. There are cutthroat in the lake there. If you don't want to camp, there are quite a few B&B's close by.
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Moran State Park on Orcas Is. has a nice campground and probably the best flyfishing in the islands in Cascade and Mountain Lakes. I imagine it could get a little crowded there especially on weekends in August. The wife and I usually rent a cabin on Orcas or San Juan Is. but these will be over your $100 price limit (let me know if you're interested and I'll send you some links).

As far as saltwater flyfishing goes, that is a tough proposition from the shore In the San Juans. There are no cutthroat streams there that I know of. You may be able to find some silvers off the beach at the south end of SJ island. I have seen buzz bombers out there (in fact I've been one of them on occaision). I've heard of fish being caught but never seen one. Supposed to be good for pinks and you may catch one thats headed for Canada even in an even #'d year. If you have a boat, rockfish can be found just about anywhere but I've never seen them on the surface in the San Juans so don't know about FF'ing for them.

If you end up on SJ island you also could try Sportsmen's Lake for bass- supposed to be big'uns in there. Egg Lake has trout but it is August and you know what that means for lowland lakes...still it might be worth a try- I caught a fattie triploid there in April. You're best off with a boat or a tube at either of these lakes.

A final note- plan your ferry travel at off peak times, there's nothing worse than missing a ferry and having to wait 3 hours for the next one!

The west side of SJ Island near Lime Lilm (SP?) point has an aswsome silver run go by it on or around the first week of Sept (+/- 2 weeks) howerer there are not many beaches but if you had a kayak you could hook up on them. There is a camping place over there but I think you need to reserve well in advance.

South end of San Juan past the American Camp has a terrific beach. That time of year there may be a school of purse seiners infront of you. I like to fish it starting at the low tide, but anytime you can be there is still fun. Great place to hang with the family - cook some hot dogs on a driftwood fire! San Juan County park is OK for camping, but no where near as nice as Moran St. Park on Orcas.

Also, on the north end of the Island about 1 mi. before Roche Harbor is a day park that offers a rocky point sticking out into some fishy water - called Ruben Tarte State Park.

Fishing off Lime Kiln requires a kayak - the kelp is too close to shore for fishing.

I have found one point of public access on Orcas to semi-fishy salt water - it is a road end north of East Sound next to one of the camping/boating private resorts (can't recall name)

good Luck

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