Trip Report New Orleans Redfish

Joe Parke

Just spent a long weekend in NOLA to celebrate my wife’s niece’s 30th birthday.
Besides confirming once again that there’s no way I can or even want to keep up with those kids, I did get away one day to fish.
I went with Capt. Patrick May of Redfish Kayak Adventures.
He picks you up at your hotel in New Orleans and drives about 45 minutes to the salt marshes south of the city.
You fish from one of those Hobie pedal or paddle, open kayaks. Unfortunately, I extended my string of skunks in salt water. But, he got me on some fish. It’s different than any fishing I’ve ever done. You sneak up on the fish in less than a foot of water in some cases and cast to them. I had several follows including one that blew up about five feet from me and crashed into the boat making his escape.
The tide was low, it was cold and windy but we saw a lot of fish. They just weren’t biting.
Patrick knows his stuff and works hard to get you in position, which was hard to do in the wind.
Patrick doesn’t fly fish but will take fly fishers. He had a few flies but you’ll need to come prepared with your own kit. He does provide spinning gear if needed/wanted. Be prepared to paddle and pedal for several miles and hours. It’s also muddy. We also saw a lot of birds and wildlife.
He picked me up at 06:00 am at the hotel and I was back around 3:00 pm. All for $200.00.
So if your in NOLA and want to get away for a day It’s a pretty good deal.


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That is a good deal!
Redfish are harder to feed than bones IMO. I didn't get them until my second trip lol those snotty bastards :)


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Already scheming..... good food and chasing tails...... Redfish that is ..... would be fun out of a Kayak or SUP


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I have been once with a friend of a friend who guides and it was one of the most amazing trips I've ever had. We had a couple of days and for the most part, the Redfish were very aggressive as long as the tide was moving. Once the tide slowed down they completely stopped feeding. When they were on though all you had to do was plop a crab pattern near them and they just attacked it. Highly recommended in Nov and of course, the food all over the area was amazing! Thanks for the report and bringing back great memories.



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Thanks for the report. My wife and I are going to NOLA Thursday for a week, so maybe we'll check this out.

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