When do you think “That ain’t fly fishing!” Or do you ?

Jerry Daschofsky

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I'm not going through all 7 pages. I'll just add my .02.

I've always considered myself an angler. All the rods I have are equivalent to golf clubs. Each I use for certain occasions, I grab the ones I think I'll need to meet my needs. I've never considered myself a fly or gear fisherman. I do have to make that claim (gear or fly) when talking to others. IE if they know I fly fish I'll follow up with "I fish gear too" and vice versa. So I don't have a definition for fly fishing per se. I do like to have a rod that uses some sort of fly line to cast object. Outside of that I don't have much. I've fished beads, small egg sacks, and small Dick nites on a fly rod. Easiest way to present a really light lure/bait without added weight.
bugs bugs bugs... a little weight to get it deep is OK but fly flingin' is about imitating what they eat naturally... as long as it looks like a bug- not some damn spinning, scented, power baitin', corn dunker, nightcrawlin', cast and set it in a forked stick and open a Butt Lite operation- have a little class- at least try and imitate something natural and give it a graceful toss- otherwise you are bait-dunking and haven't evolved past the Neanderthal stage of fishing...

Rob Allen

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Swinging flies, especially for steelhead. It is the lamest form of fly fishing ever invented. Taking way too much time in a run fishing ineffectively, making better fishermen wait...
Nah mymphers are the lamest. Swing steelheaders fish through a run much faster than nymphers, and they only take the most aggressive aka healthiest fish, the nymphers they prey on the sickly and wounded, vacuuming up the entire river leaving nothing for anyone else.

Brian Miller

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[The] difference, or special aspect, that makes it fly fishing is along the lines of Norman Mclean's description in "A River Runs Through It." It should include some art, grace, and finesse that is commonly missing when spin fishing and bait casting... Small beadheads on nymphs can be cast with what appears to be graceful motion and finesse, but somewhere in large conehead territory grace and finesse have generally left the scene.
I even consider Tenkara fly fishing because I like doing it on small steams.
Ahhh, but strip away the excess gear and unnecessarily long casts to reach simplicity for anything from small creeks to S Forks size streams.

Old Man

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Since I've been here in Montana all I've done is fly fished. I think about gear every once in a while but don't overthink it. Besides it would cost to damn much to get outfitted for gear fishing now. Flies aren't to damn expensive yet. But I have enough to last me the rest of my life. But that depends on several different factors. Will I live another 10 years or not. Will I fall down and break a leg or one of my hips. One never knows what's in store for yourself.


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Nah mymphers are the lamest. Swing steelheaders fish through a run much faster than nymphers, and they only take the most aggressive aka healthiest fish, the nymphers they prey on the sickly and wounded, vacuuming up the entire river leaving nothing for anyone else.
Naw! We catch the most and the biggest, that's what really bugs you, doesn't it. ;)
Of course definitions aren't inherently bad. And sure, when I am fishing I tend to have a definition for what I'm doing. For the most part if I'm using a gear rod, I'm gear fishing. And if Im using a fly rod I'm fly fishing. With exceptions. If I'm bucktailing I would tell someone I caught fish bucktailing. Not fly fishing. And if I use a fly rod on a downrigger I would also make that distinction.

Ultimately though I simply don't care. Others do, and thats fine. But that doesnt obligate me to get into an in depth, nit picky discussion about it. I truly don't care.

When it comes to music I've always been a pretty big metal head. In my younger days I used to frequent some metal chatrooms where we would all bicker back and forth about whether this band or that band was "metal". After way too much time and effort engaging in that banter I just gave up. I don't care if you think Disturbed is metal. Doesn't impact me and my life in the least. And I don't care if someone thinks fishing for lings with depth charger lines is fly fishing or not. It simply doesn't concern me.

Sure definitions are important in society for a variety of reasons, but disagreement about various definitions doesn't make my list of things I find interesting or important. And the reasons those definitions are important are generally already squared away. For example... If I walk into a sporting goods store and tell the clerk I would like to buy a fly rod, there is a good chance they will know what I'm looking for based on a pretty standard social definition. And if I want to fish on fly fishing only waters, the state has given a pretty clear definition of what that is. Beyond that any discussion about the inner nuances of different fishing techniques, and what definition they fall under, simply doesn't interest me.

If someone wants to fish beads under an indicator from a moving boat and call it fly fishing, I don't care. Doesn't concern me or somehow diminish my own experience. Just like if someone wants to fish Ace High flies behind a flasher on a downrigger and call it fly fishing it doesn't impact me.

I simply have enough to worry about in my day-to-day life to spend time worrying about it. And since I also don't find such conversations interesting or enjoyable, it's just not something I care to put much effort into. That doesn't mean definitions are bad, or that I don't have any of my own, it just means I don't care. A thread like this is definitely the right place for such discussions, no doubt, but since I find such discussions a bit silly thats basically what my response will be.

But by all means have the conversation if it interests you. To many trolling wooly buggers on a lake with a fly rod is fly fishing. To you trolling flies behind a boat on the ocean is not. Ultimately neither one seems fly fishing by my own thoughts, I just don't care enough to argue the point.

I just like to fish.

I got one last year on 12wt and that fish was lost after it towed me into a bunch of other fishers.
This was at Jurassic Park, aka Swan Island on the Willamette.
This year I took a 14 wt Predator, 14+ Redington Grande, and an Airflo 700gr Predator line.
The fly is lead, rabbit, and porous foam for the scent.
Tie up to a boom in the dry docks and let her sink. Move it slowly, but primarily just watch for your line movement.
Funky but fun and those thing are massive, especially when they breach!
Oh shit....now you've really got me thinking! sturgeon rondi?

I've got a rod that could handle that....maybe.


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I grew up around lakes. Far from any steelhead rivers. Big, deep lakes , where boats and trolling is the game. Trolling flies always seemed more effective than lures. It helped having a cousin putting me in a float tube with a fly rod at a young age also, and also that cousin is one of the best fly tiers, so I was spoiled in that aspect. I never considered labeling it. Fishing is fishing. I don’t think of ethics, but always respect the rules. 10/11 reel spooled with leadcore isn’t fly fishing, but trolling it with a fly on the end is productive, but I don’t consider it “fly fishing “ by any means. I just like fishing. 5C131283-82DF-482B-B126-94D4964F9C42.jpeg

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