When do you think “That ain’t fly fishing!” Or do you ?

Most of this nonsensical bifurcation comes from the marketing world. As humans we long to find a tribe, it’s written in our genetic code. All of this quibbling over what is “ fly fishing” is nothing more than subset preference. It’s a means of excluding and setting our selves apart. People want to be special, they want to be elite. Brands have capitalized on that. Look at Yeti, they make good coolers, COOLERS! Keeping stuff cold is subject to the laws of thermodynamics, but somehow that is packaged with slick visualization into a “lifestyle” brand...Ultimately I think we all fish to connect with something real, something ancient, something that resinates with our old souls. To reduce this to semantics is severely miss the point. But what do I know.
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bugs bugs bugs... a little weight to get it deep is OK but fly flingin' is about imitating what they eat naturally... as long as it looks like a bug- not some damn spinning, scented, power baitin', corn dunker, nightcrawlin', cast and set it in a forked stick and open a Butt Lite operation- have a little class- at least try and imitate something natural and give it a graceful toss- otherwise you are bait-dunking and haven't evolved past the Neanderthal stage of fishing...
Do you ever fish baitfish imitations?

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I actually think the marketing of materials and gear and clothing and imagery pertaining to this way of fishing sets the tone of attitudes more than everything else.

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we are marketed with the new, the brand names of everything...we are not elitists yet elitists...The reason why we fish the way we do...when it comes to "fly fishing" is a long way from Dame Juliana's Treatise Fishing on the Angle(splg)..of the 16th century or was it 15th?...or those that followed...none of us wear tweed anymore I don't think...it's freakin' itchy wear...we aspire...we adventure , and my Gawd do we buy...and feed innovation like everything...Our dollars speak LOUD...that is what I mean. and it has and is changing the face of fly fishing ...we do what we like , use what we like , know what we like and to be honest we will never be on top of all of it...because we are being marketed with new tools all the time. Over the course of time ...for me about 40 years...I don't buy a lot of new stuff...I would if there were not other holes to sweep money into. The pastime is or can be very expensive. I do this thing we do for the tranquility and connectivity now not some hormonal competitive drive like I did once I figured out what I was doing. It is a connectivity to my world that I love . As I see the resources dwindle, while sad I continue as long as I can because it perpetuates a long time love of fish and an idiot with a "pole line and hook" trying for yet another victory or lesson.

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A rondi is a gathering to fish to sit in chairs by a camp fire always contained by a BLM ring or Park ring...a big sharing of other peoples food, fishing bragging and bullshit...Best experienced over a weekend. And what you do is think about the next one that comes up you want to go. because the breadth of this life we live is sometimes methodical and defined , so it gives you this respite from all that and it is good. I am a veteran of many...And memories are served...

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There is this canal near my home
where fish reside remarkably
I go there in soaked jeans
Bobby pin hook and
And a ditch to be seen
Connected to a river
Not far away, I didn't know
trout caught today
This is a memory welded
To my soul, always
Seeking that which I know
It was a cloudy memory
Of days gone by
And a blessing to my
Heart and soul
That experience haunts me
Still, the blessed naïve will
It started there. in this
experiential thing
We all began that way

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