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Badly needed rain finally has started to raise the local rivers. For the past three days my fishing partner & I have swung multiple locations and rivers with one significant grab & shake between us during this period of our two weeks. Strategy has been several hours in the morning & afternoon with motel rest in the middle. Yesterday, we met an experienced Irish salmon ( Atlantic ?) fisherman who banked and released what he claimed was a 15# plus native steelhead on his new Sage Skagit 7 wt. This was his first steelhead on a fly rod. He could not get over the number of jumps and strength of the fish. Fortunately he said he was on a gravel bank so he could chase it when needed. For all the world he looked like a Leprechaun in his bright green raincoat while shifting his weight from one foot to the other as he related this story. He said he had wanted to fish a certain camp ground pool down river, but sea lions were the eating the steelhead there??? He went back to his cabin to have so whiskey. One more full week to go, then we go back home until the Fall.

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