Product Reviews, manufactuer websites. Baloney.

Matt Paluch

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If a company decides to allow customer reviews, they should not remove any reviews unless a well defined set of rules is broken. Others would know the legality of posting a review about an injury better than me, but at least Patagonia offered to make things better.

I know of a review given to an Orvis Endorsed Guide Service where there was a 1 star rating because the customer wasn't happy about the guide having a beard. Even though that's ridiculous, Orvis left the review up. I think their logic is sound, too. Customers who are reading reviews know that some people have ridiculous criticisms, which was the case here. I don't think leaving that review up hurt the business of the guide service, and it probably made for some good streamside banter.


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Who makes those giant Croc looking things that Reds has you wear when you go in the store? Those would be good in boats and gas stations.
50+ years ago when Forks was essentially a logging town and 90% of the male population wore caulked logging boots, every store in town had sandals made out of old tires sitting by the door that you slipped on over your corks to keep from tearing up their floors.

Driftless Dan

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Some company makes rubber sandals that looks like this Crocs shoes. You put them on over your wading boots to walk inside reds. Never seen them anywhere else.
My local fly shop has several pairs of those just inside the front door; This shop sees multiple fishermen and fisherwomen come in each day ready for the river, because there are over 50 streams in a 15-mile radius of the shop. It's quite possible to fish the morning hatch, go get lunch and stock up on Pink Squirrels (the fly of choice here), then back out in the afternoon.

I was in the store one day (sans waders) and a guy came in red-faced with a pair in his hands, said he'd walked out of the store with them and didn't notice until he was stringing up his rod streamside. So I imagine there's some attrition.


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what does fashion police @Swimmy say to do?

Not familiar with the piece of footwear being referenced in this thread. But unless you are backpacking, crocs are for olds and one way of telling the world you've given up.

Actually, these are the exception and at $850 seem like a steal.


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