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I have the 'fairly high back' seat that came stock with my Outcast pontoon boat as in the pic below. I have to say my back feels fine after a hard day rowing. It's tired, but, in a normal way like you expect after hard exercise, not like anything is strained or stressed. I'm super careful about posture, and making sure that legs and core are engaged as I row.

I really don't know of any downside to a high back seat, except that you can get pushed forward a bit with your PFD if the seat back comes up too high.

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Core muscles are key to a healthy back, whether it's rowing, bicycling, skiing...Whatever.
Ironically I find a rope seat way less fatiguing and soreness producing. I believe it's because a guy can move around a bit in slightly different positions. I like to hang my ass way off the back and lean forward for a mid day stretch row yoga move. I find tractor seats are too confining and don't allow any variability in position therefore make you sore. Plus high back seats encourage poor core strength and engagement. You only get a stronger core by using it and a rope seat or similar forces use. That pain is weakness leaving your body.
Kind of a multi-faceted question/post but curious to hear everyone's thoughts....

I tend to have a sore lower back after a day's rowing. I assume part of it is my posture or something, but also curious if a higher back rowers seat would help? I've only ever rowed in low back 'tractor' style seats, or rowed on top of a cooler/box/bench with no back support.

For those of you that have rowed w/ a higher back seat, what are the downsides?

Potential options are:

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Who are you kidding? You never row. It's called Golfy's T-Rex arms syndrome......
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Thanks for the recommendations, fellas! Good bye, back aches.
I'm curious what useful conclusion you were able to draw from this thread?

All I got out of this is some new material for my next stand up routine and a half chub from swimmy's pic. Although to be fair, that describes the majority of WFF threads.

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