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We were turkey hunting around Klickitat in 1980. One guy had a tick half buried in his forearm. Third guy said no problem, so he lights a cigarette and proceeds to entice the tick to make it back out. Ended up burning half the tick. By the time we hit Ellensburg we had to take him to emergency...arm really swelled up. Not sure if they ever hunted together again!


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Went to visit family in Anacortes. Just about there and had a undeniable need to take a dump. Backed into some bushes and dropped trou. Friggin stinging nettles. Misery for days. Far worse than tics. Everyone had a good laugh while I was dying.

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When I'm in the woods I tend to stay out of long grass a stay away from bushes. Never had a problem when I lived in Western Washington. Never had a problem on the dry side as I stay loaded with bug spray. Saw one on time crawling up a screen on the dry side and I scraped it off and killed it. But never had any on me.


Well..... a wolf thread showed up so it was only natural we have one in regards to ticks.

I'm with Jim. If I'm roaming around the woods during the Spring looking for morels or whatever, I've found that using a lot of bug spray on my hat down to my boots keeps the damned little vampires off me.

Some of the tick removal tools are just fancy versions of tweezers and they do work just about as well.

You just want to make sure you are careful not to leave the head in your skin... that can cause problems.

It's really easier to use a lot of bug spray so they don't want to hand around you in the first place.


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The twister doesn't squeeze the tic or risk separating the head. Therefore it is a better device. Hardly a gimmick.

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I just grab them softly with my hemostats and slowly back them out. Then crush them as hard as possible like I'm crimping a barb to make sure they are dead. Then piss on their disgusting lifeless bodies.

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Once removed, grab up the 12 gauge shotgun with #7 shot and unload it on the bastard! It may look weird to someone watching, but I think they would understand.

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Don't know that I have ever seen a tick's head left behind and I grew up in prime tick and chigger country. Kind of like not swimming for 30-60 minutes after a meal.

Just pull them out with tweezers, twisty things, hemostats whatever.

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