Fly fishing near Portland

I will be in the Portland area attending the Spey Clave come the first week of May. I have one free day and I would like to do some trout fishing . From what I've researched, the Lower Deschutes River is probably my best bet. Anyone have any info on any particular stretch that I should concentrate my time on ? Is there any other rivers that would be worth checking out?
I'd hit the D below shearer falls. There is a dirt road that runs along it for around 30 miles, all public access. Check out the Deschutes Angler reports. If coming form Portland there is a shortcut below Maupin but it may be worth your time to go into the shop and pick up some flies/advice.

Big water year but there could be some big bugs around by then.
I’m thinking now I might be better off booking a hotel near Warm Springs so I can get a whole day fishing Sunday. Called the shop, he states the flows are very high!
Any particular patterns ? Planning on tying up a few before the trip. I also have felt and rubber boots, deciding on which one to bring.

Appreciate all the help!
Pat's rubberlegs for nymph, or Norm Woods, Stimulator, or Chubby for dries. Green caddis pupa, cased caddis, Flashback beaded Pheasant Tail nymph. If caddis are hatching, size 14 EHC in tan or green. Spent caddis.

The river is super high and dirty right now, it crested at 25000 cfs a few days ago after being at 6000 only 10 days before. It's down to 16000 now and should continue to drop. It fishes great at 6000, but still good at 10000 or higher; what matters more than the flow is whether it has moved a lot recently. After a big move the fish usually take several days to find a new hold before they become biters again. So if it's stable and clear you should be fine.

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