Trip Report Lenice fished for 19 days

Shawn Seeger

(aka. wabowhunter)
I have been very fortunate to have a blessed life and wonderful understanding wife. I started to understand that "old guys" had a lot to share and lived pretty well while fishing.

So, starting on March 20th I stayed in the Lenice "campground" parking lot, I pulled the trailer out of the lot on April 9th. I had/have several friends that joined me for most of that time, and this just adds to the great times at camp and on the lake. The weather and fishing were interesting this spring, compared to past years. The first few days after ice off, we had really warm days (68,69,68), then it seemed more like a normal weather spring. We only had several windy days, that made fishing tough.

The fish were hungry and really pretty feisty. "The good old days" was the day before, not 25 years ago when I stated fishing the lake. I was taught we play the cards in our hand, not the ones from a previous hand. I really feel the fish are in good shape this year, I only had 2 that were under fed, long but skinny. I faithfully use a measure net, so I can provide accurate information to the WDFW biologist, it does help them and us. I also only count the fish I "could put in a frying pan". It has been an interesting observations over the last few years at multiple lakes, how some guys seem to count.

As with a lot of the people that I have come to know online and in the "lot", we were all just CHOMPING AT THE BIT to get fishing. My wife actually told me "You Need to go! Maybe just go camping until the lake un-thaws". I was driving her crazy like several others that I talked with. Everything seems to be staying about 3 weeks late from the last several years.

I did get some really cool "pumps" on fish. Got 3 big leeches out of a single fish. Got some large chironomids.

Here is some statistical information.

  • As of yesterday NO fish plant has happened this year, from ice off. So, if you see guys fishing around the "get in" that is because the fish are feeding there that day, NOT because they were just planted. I returned a fly to DP after he lost it on the east end of the lake and I retrieved it from same fish ¾ of the way to the west end, fish travel.
  • The ice (ice off) was gone from the lake on March 19th! Completely!
  • If your not catching fish change something! Don’t repeat what isn’t working.
  • Water temp – Mar 21 - 43.94 (1 foot below surface) / Apr 8 – 53.98
  • Lake level went up 7.5 inches from 3/21 – 4/8
  • Water cleared on 3/29
  • Avg Size on 3 different days 16.4”/16.7”/16.1” (Had a couple that were like footballs at least 4.5 wide)
I am already planning my next trip, in May to a lake further north in the cascades.

Cheers and Many Tight Lines to you ALL!


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Shawn you heading up by me? Would love to meet ya for a fishing day. Great report and great outlook on life etc!


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In the second sunset picture is that the Mt Rainier shadow over the American flag? Nice report and post.

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