SBS Nowak’s Transitional Drake


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B.C. tyer Trevor Nowak’s pattern; body construction seems to have been borrowed from some of those mid-50’s Michigan drake/mayflies. Tied here as a green drake; change color/size to meet your needs

hook - Maruto 2312 #10
thread - UTC 140 olive
tail - pheasant tail
body - elk hair dyed olive
wing - Congo Hair Baitfish Grey
hackle - grizzly/olive
head - elk hair dyed olive

Mash barb/start thread at 2/3 mark; wrap to point above barb

Measure (hook length) some p/t fibers; tie in/trim

Clean, stack, measure (tips gap width past bend) a clump of elk hair

Tie in, spiral wrap to point above barb; return to tie-in, continue to eye

Tie in a clump of CH; divide with crossing wraps

Prep hackles, tie in at eye; wrap to wing and back, tie off/trim

Pull elk hair butts back, create thread dam

Whip finish, SHHAN, trim head, wings, underside of hackle (replaced the bulb in the right-side lamp with a daylight LED; much happier with the last 3 pics)

Thanks for that Scott. I have been looking for a different pattern for drake mackeral for the Lamar Valley this coming fall. I acquired a large javelina skin and still have not figured out a good use. The back spines are lethal weapons.

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