FS/T NEW Winsotn Super10- 5 weight


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I would like to sale sale or trade absolutely new Winsotn Super10 5 weight.

I got it NEW as trade but do not need it (or do I?)

Rod case is still in Winston plastic bag and no reel was ever put on it. Pristine factory new condition. It was wiggle at front of tv for several seconds and went to closet :) Nice rod but no use for me for now.
It has blank warranty card attached and Winsotn round logo decal.

I would sale for $645 -including Priority shipping.

As for trade, I would consider nice 8 to12 rod such as: Meridian or Exocett or Asquith (+/- cash)

PayPal is fine but buyer covers fees. Bank check, money order, cash is fine too.
I will update/post/email pictures if needed.

Thank you for checking.
PM me if you are interested
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