FS EP Saltwater Big Game Flies


The Tug Is The Drug
Purchased for a trip and never used. Greta flies for GT's and other saltwater predatory fish. Would prefer to sell as group.

1 Bleeding Black in 5/0
2 GT Slammer Red Death in 6/0
2 GT Slammer Tan/ White in 6/0
2 GT's Baitfish Grey in 5/0
1 Pacific Sardina in 4/0
1 Pike/Offshore Tiger 6/0

$ 65.00 for all

Thanks for looking

%TMkRU1aQgWtLMXrOTVgUA.jpg IvztOLAvTaWZylxGvFAuBQ.jpg ZbrFU16wRY+JBcj8CbAJYA.jpg

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