WTB Sumo rod mounts

Haha I have a dodge , but just like the versatility of the suction. And my buddy said the magnet one ruined his paint on his car.
I've wondered how clean you have to keep a car/truck and the suction mounts not to scratch the paint. Yes, my antique Orvis mounts did leave a blemish on the paint of my Chevrolet but "ruin", not by a long shot. Good luck.
Thanks , is there any difference in holding strength between magnet /suction ?
Clueless - I've traveled highway (not freeway) speeds with three 14-foot strung spey rods on my Orvis magnetic rod holder with zero issue other than maybe vibration (that paint blemish thing). Personally, I think suction would more likely lose its vacuum than a magnet lose its magnetism ;-)
I've been using the same vacuum sumo mounts for years, and can attest that as long as the mounting area is relatively clean, and you put a tiny bit os spit in the cups before mounting them, they held rock-solid through three weeks of rain, heat, and highway speeds, and were still firmly stuck on there after each trip, need to use the lever to un-stick them, and zero blemishes.

If you can find a set second-hand for cheap, then great, but in my estimation, these are one of those pieces of kit that are worth every penny retail.

Hope you find a set, cause I ain't parting with mine!

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