FS/T A few items for trade.

I have a few things that have been sitting in the gear closet for a while. Looking to trade them or sell to fund a 4wt fiberglass rod. Mostly interested in the newer fenglass rods. Might be interested in a 5 wt fenglass if available.

St.Croix imperial/1865.4 8’6” 5wt
The overall rod is in great condition. The reel seat has a short crack in the wood. Noticed after my original post and wanted to correct my description of the rod. Cork has light soiling that I tried to clearly photograph.

William Joseph FLUX pack
Older pack that I think I used for one day. It almost looks new. Magnetic front close pocket. There is a hidden stripping basket built in as well. You can fit a large amount of items in this pack.

Lamson Guru 2
Older model with a bit of rash but works as it should and comes with backing. No pouch on this reel.

Let me know if you have a glass 4wt or maybe 5 wt you’d be interested in trading for. I will try to post pictures shortly.


086BE3FE-CFA6-4EB9-B1C1-F096F2BA413A.jpeg FF66A802-0D56-480C-8746-9296066E3550.jpeg 440095C6-D082-4102-9C7D-30305620CF3D.jpeg 6935BF0B-DBF2-404A-B1D0-70C8B1475C81.jpeg 4304EFD5-F3B5-4734-B64B-F3A854BB3EA2.jpeg A763EB5E-78BF-4DB8-ACE2-D31C8085332D.jpeg 112C3FAC-4AA1-4234-8FD5-75C9FE1F77A8.jpeg C572C258-BF5D-4656-BE62-3659A1BBD392.jpeg 59E384EE-8476-4FB7-A24F-258ECB57AA69.jpeg
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Upon further inspection of the rod, I noticed a short crack of the wood reel seat toward the butt of the rod. I think the photo clearly shows it. Oddly enough I had never seen it before so that is unfortunate I guess. Otherwise great condition and I doubt it will make any difference in the performance however, I will now lower the price on this rod.
Make me an offer on these if you’d like. They won’t get any use sitting around here. These 3 items wold make a great setup for summer. I might have a 5wt line around too if someone was interested in a package deal.

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